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Michael Ruggiero is a guitarist, composer and educator based in Toronto, Canada. He has been actively writing and performing music for over 17 years, with 7 of those years also teaching.


As an eclectic artist, Michael gets his inspiration from a wide variety of sources. This includes anything from the complexity of human emotions, nature and astronomy, to subjects related to philosophy, science and film. 


Formally trained as a classical guitarist, Michael is also well versed in a variety of different genres. His primary projects and collaborations include the math-rock/progressive group Laniakea, R&B artist Eric Ryan, and his own solo project which combines many elements of classical, electronic, jazz and ambient styles. He is currently involved as a session and live guitarist for artists in the Toronto area. 


Michael is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s of Music in education, and a Master’s of Music in performance.

Outside of music, Michael likes collecting watches, watching soccer games, and drinking boba while playing Magic: The Gathering.   

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