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Drawing on over 17 years of combined academic and self-taught musical experience, alongside more than 7 years of private teaching, I have developed teaching strategies that considers the pros and cons of formal and informal learning methods.

Notable benefits of a formal approach  to learning music include:

i) Building strong fundamentals

ii) The knowledge and ability to meticulously analyze concepts on a high technical and intricate level

iii) A comprehensive set of tools to solve problems that may come up during the learning process.


 The informal, 'by-ear' approach builds:

i) Strong listening skills

ii) Practical knowledge and processes used in the real world

iii) A unique, vibrant musical intuition that is essential in building our individual voices, and guiding our artistic decisions when creating music.


Incorporating the best of both learning styles is what informs my teaching methods.

 I aim to not only teach what to practice, but also how to practice as a way for students to not only achieve their goals, but also learn the skills to continue doing so independently.

You can contact me here to arrange and ask questions, or here to find out more about me!

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30 Minutes


1 Lesson




 4 Lessons paid together

($30 per lesson, save $20)


1 Hour


 1 Lesson 



 4 lessons paid together

($60 per lesson, save $20)



*Cancellation policy: 48 hours minimum required to be rescheduled or cancelled. Anything under is not guaranteed.

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